Co-ed Party Policies

We have made a few changes from our first event in an effort to make the check in run smoother and get people in the doors as fast as we can, so you can start having fun sooner.

As before the club will be closed from 6pm till 7pm. This is so we can make sure the club is spotlessly clean.

We will have two entrances for checking in, 1 at the back of the club for couples and single women. This entrance will have priority.

The front entrance will be for single men. This entrance and stairway must be kept unblocked and orderly as this is a fire exit.

Photo id will have to be shown, no info will be recorded and it will be placed in a secure lockbox as a deposit to insure return of our keys. This is also the most secure place for all your valuables. You have the only key.

The maximum capacity allowed is 100 people. Your safety in our number 1 priority. Again we will not allow the front stairs to be blocked.

Rates are as follows:
$20.00 for lockers
$30.00 for single rooms, 2nd person sharing will be $10.00
$40.00 double rooms with 2nd or 3rd person sharing for $10.00 each.

Note people sharing rooms must all checkout together.

These are our everyday rules at Steam1:

  • No drugs, alcohol, or smoking is allowed anywhere in the club.
  • We can refuse entrance to anyone. People who appear under the influence will not be admitted.
  • We also have the right to ask anyone to leave at any time. Again people under the influence is the number one reason for this to happen. No refunds will be given.
  • Any willful damage of club property.
  • Violators will be banned.
  • Must be 18 years old with photo ID
  • Get permission before you touch. Any unwanted or aggressive behavior,¬†means you will be asked to leave asap and banned from returning.
  • No street cloths or shoes allowed. Dress code is towels, nudity, or underwear.