Steam 1 is a private club, which means you may purchase a membership. Guests with existing Steam 1 memberships are required to present the member card or valid current ID (as described below) to receive member pricing.

  • Drop in fee  $3
  • 1 year membership $10
  • Membership renewals
    with card: $5, without card: $10
  • Anonymous Check-in $5
    (non-refundable fee)

Members' Rates
  • Locker $14
  • Single Room $22
  • Single Room with TV $25
  • Double Room with TV $29

Pricing Rules
  • Flat Rate Pricing Everyday, Anytime 24/7
  • Rentals for both rooms and lockers are for 8 hours; there is no overtime allowed. If you wish to stay longer, you’re required to renew for another 8 hours.
  • We do not take reservations, but we will gladly try to meet requests for your favorite room.


Membership Details

To become a Steam 1 member you must be a male of at least 18 years of age. You must present current valid ID (as described below). Your name, ID number and city of residence will be entered in our secure and private computer system. You will never be contacted in any way by Steam 1 nor will any personal information be given out at any time to anyone. A bar-coded impersonal card valid for 1 year will be issued. As a member you will enjoy discounted prices throughout the year.

Valid ID

Steam 1 members are not required to show their member card at check-in but must show the same piece of valid ID used at membership purchase to have member status verified.

Valid ID’s accepted: Provincial or State issued Driver’s License or ID, or Passport. The ID must be current, legible and have a photo.

Anonymous Check-in

If you choose to check in anonymously you will:

  • Pay a $5 non-refundable fee
  • Place in secure lockbox to which you have the only key $10 cash or greater. We recommend also that you place wallet or car/house keys. All will be returned to you at the end of your visit.
  • Not be wait-listed for any room due to peak volumes. However you may ask to upgrade later based on availability.
  • Steam 1 can refuse entry to anyone and does not have to provide a reason.
  • Proof of Age may be required for legal reasons