Steam1 is a private club, which means you may purchase a membership. Guests with existing Steam 1 memberships are required to present the member card or valid current ID (as described below) to receive member pricing. [read more]

Drop in fee $3
1 year membership $10

Anonymous Check-in

You may check in completely anonymously (no member card, no ID, no personal info required). [read more]


Flat Rate Pricing Everyday, Anytime 24/7

Locker $12

Single Room

Single Room with TV $22
Double Room with TV $26

Rentals for both rooms and lockers are for 8 hours; There is no overtime allowed. If you wish to stay longer, you're required to renew for another 8 hours.

Sling:A sling is available in public play room.

We do not take reservations, but we will gladly try to meet requests for your favorite room. Call one of our friendly staff directly at 604-540-2117 or email us at

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