Steam 1 bath house in New Westminster is a must-stop on any visit to the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Welcome to Steam 1

Our friendly staff are here to welcome you at the check-in window and answer any questions you may have about our fine establishment. If you are a New visitor to our facility just tell the attendant so after entering the club we can give you a quick 3 minute tour before showing you the location of your locker or room.

First timers – Please read our helpful information about the Checking In Procedures

Once your check-in is processed and in the club, we will provide you with one fresh towel and accessories consisting of 2 condoms and lubricant. For those with TV rooms a remote may be provided if one is not already placed in the room on the locker next to the side table. FRESH towel exchange is available at no charge upon request, please bring your used one up to the service counter to receive another.

If you have any questions during your stay please visit the front counter and ring the bell if the attendant is away. Remember to be patient as we may be helping other customers at the check-in window, cleaning rooms or doing laundry.

Thanks for choosing Steam 1 and Enjoy your visit.

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