Check-in Procedures

What to expect once you arrive.

Now that I am at the check-in window what happens?

Since this is your first visit tell the attendant at the check-in window at arrival, so once you have gone through the entry processing the individual will go over the keys, check-out procedure and give a quick 3 minute tour where to find the complimentary coffee station, showers, steam room, bathrooms, video and play room areas before taking you to your locker or room.

Checking In Process

You will be asked if you would like a Locker or a Room.

At minimum you are required to have a locker rental so you have somewhere to store your belongings such as clothing similar to a gym where there are banks of lockers in a common area. We have them located in sections throughout the club. Dress Code (No street clothes or shoes allowed. Dress code is towels, nudity, or underwear). Otherwise you can rent a room, all rooms have a locker, bed and garbage receptacle inside. We use the term single or double rooms which refers to the bed size. Single size rooms are available with and without TV (5 channels of movies to pick from) and some have mirror. Double rooms all have locker(s), TV and mirror.

You will then be asked if you have a Membership

Since you have not been to the club before you are considered a non-member and can purchase a membership OR pay a drop in fee that will be ADDED to the rental price of your locker OR room selection. See pricing information. You can always purchase a membership on a future visit.

Non-member with ID drop in fee $3 (plus rental cost) means that your Name and a corresponding reference number on the ID will be entered into our secure and PRIVATE computer system (for internal purposes ONLY). We DO NOT share our information with anyone. Your file enables us to put customized notes about preferences for example favourite room, locker location preference, 2 towels at check-in etc….

Non-member Anonymous drop in fee $5 (plus rental) means that your personal information will NOT be stored in our system. While visiting late night you will have to place your ID in the lock box for security purposes only.

The attendant will now process your transaction and tell you the amount and present you with a receipt to sign at the bottom.

What You need to know about your Security Box.

Once you have signed your receipt and paid your entrance fee, the attendant will ask you to place something in the security box. We REQUIRE all customers to place something in the box (for entry to the facility, NO exceptions) in exchange for return of our keys. This is also the most secure place for all your valuables. Once secured you have the only key. Lost or broken keys will incur a replacement charge of $10 per key.

Placing your membership card in the security box is NOT sufficient, we issued the card and it belongs to us. Members and Non-members with ID drop-in can alternatively place $10 in the box rather than an item of value. ALL Anonymous Drop-in’s must place an item of value as your deposit (example; car keys, cell phone, bank card, ID). All will be returned to you at the end of your visit.

We will give you keys (and lock) then motion you past the Security Door to the club front counter.

After entering the security door the attendant will present you with your towel and complimentary condoms and lubricant. We have a fresh towel exchange at no fee, please return one to get a clean one. If you have rented a room with a TV then a remote may be provided at that time unless one is located in the room secured to the side of locker above the side table. Next the attendant will inform you about checking out procedure which takes place at the same counter. Then we will give you a quick tour around the club and direct you to your locker or room.

If you have any further questions please come to the front counter and ask.


Checking out procedure when you are ready to leave.

Bring your KEYS and towel with you to the front counter. If the attendant is not at the counter there is a doorbell located to the left to press for service.

Present your keys to the attendant and toss the towel in the towel drop slot located to the right of the counter. WAIT at the counter for the attendant to go and retrieve your security box. You will be presented with your original receipt that you signed and be asked to sign again on the back for indication that you have received your items placed in the security box.

After that is done you can EXIT the same security door that you entered.

Thank you for choosing to visit Steam1, we appreciate your business.