Health & Safety Commitment

At Steam 1 we are always committed to everyone’s health & safety.  With the current concerns about Covid-19 we want you to be aware and comfortable in knowing that we take it seriously.

We have increased the interval of our current disinfection procedures throughout the day in alignment with this issue. Our Building Service Worker certified staff  know the recommended cleaning procedures and follow B.C. CDC guidelines. Our additional cleanings are specific to surfaces you will routinely come into contact with during a visit.

As always please follow our friendly reminders to wash your hands and use the hand sanitizer stations located throughout the facility for your benefit.  For more information about virus transmission and your health please use the following link specific to this topic Covid-19.

We would ask anyone displaying common cold symptoms or is ill to please refrain from checking in during this time and we look forward to welcoming them back when they are feeling better.

Thank you